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Netflix Roulette: American Ultra – An Action-Packed Thrill Ride by Cinema Gold Show


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If you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping action movies with a dash of humor, then American Ultra is a must-watch film available on Netflix. Released in 2015, this fast-paced action-comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as the unlikely pair of a stoner and his girlfriend who find themselves in the middle of a government conspiracy. In this informative content, we will take a closer look at American Ultra, its plot, cast, action sequences, and why it’s worth adding to your Netflix watchlist.

Plot Synopsis

American Ultra follows the story of Mike Howell (played by Jesse Eisenberg), a hapless stoner who lives in a small town and works Cinema Gold Show at a convenience store. Mike’s life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that he is, in fact, a highly trained government operative with lethal skills, but he has no memory of his past. As Mike’s hidden abilities are unleashed, he becomes the target of a ruthless government agency determined to eliminate him to cover up their secrets. Alongside him is his girlfriend, Phoebe (played by Kristen Stewart), who becomes his partner in the action-packed journey to survive and uncover the truth.

Stellar Cast

American Ultra boasts an impressive cast that brings the characters to life with their performances. Jesse Eisenberg shines as Mike Howell, bringing his unique blend of comedic timing and vulnerability to the role of an unsuspecting hero. Kristen Stewart delivers a standout performance as Phoebe, Mike’s supportive and resourceful girlfriend, who proves to be a formidable ally in the face of danger. The chemistry between Eisenberg and Stewart is palpable, adding depth and emotion to the story. The film also features a talented supporting cast, including Connie Britton, Topher Grace, and Walton Goggins, who add depth and intrigue to the plot.

Action-Packed Sequences

One of the highlights of American Ultra is its intense and well-choreographed action sequences. As Mike’s lethal skills are unleashed, the film delivers a series of adrenaline-pumping fight scenes, car chases, and shootouts that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The action is complemented by visual effects that enhance the intensity of the scenes, creating a thrilling and immersive experience. Director Nima Nourizadeh, known for his work in the action-comedy genre, delivers fast-paced and visually stunning action sequences that are sure to satisfy fans of the genre.

Blend of Action and Comedy

American Ultra strikes a perfect balance between action and comedy, making it a unique and entertaining viewing experience. The film combines intense action sequences with clever humor, creating a distinct tone that sets it apart from other action movies. Mike’s unconventional skills as a government operative, combined with his stoner persona, result in unexpected and often hilarious situations. The witty banter between Mike and Phoebe adds levity to the high-stakes plot, creating a refreshing blend of action and comedy that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

Themes and Messages

Beyond the action and comedy, American Ultra also touches on deeper themes and messages. The film explores the concept of identity and self-discovery as Mike uncovers his true abilities and past. It also delves into the idea of government conspiracy and the abuse of power, shedding light on the darker side of covert operations. Additionally, the film touches on themes of love, loyalty, and sacrifice as Mike and Phoebe navigate their relationship amidst the chaos. These underlying themes add depth and complexity to the story, elevating it beyond a simple action-comedy flick.

Impact and Reception

American Ultra received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. Some praised its unique blend of action and comedy, as well as the performances of Eisenberg and Stewart. The film also gained a cult following among action-comedy fans who appreciated its unconventional premise and fast-paced action sequences. However, some critics felt that the film’s tone was uneven, and that the plot and characters were underdeveloped.

Despite the mixed reviews, American Ultra has found a dedicated fanbase and has become a popular choice among viewers on Netflix. The film’s blend of action, comedy, and unique premise has made it a cult favorite, with audiences appreciating its fast-paced and entertaining nature.

Why It’s Worth Watching on Netflix

American Ultra is a film that offers a thrilling and action-packed viewing experience with a touch of humor. Here are some reasons why it’s worth adding to your Netflix watchlist:

  1. Unique Premise: The film’s premise of a stoner-turned-government operative is a fresh and unconventional take on the action-comedy genre, making it stand out from other films in the genre.
  2. Stellar Cast: The performances of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, as well as the supporting cast, add depth and charisma to the characters, making them relatable and engaging.
  3. Adrenaline-Pumping Action: The well-choreographed action sequences, including fight scenes, car chases, and shootouts, deliver high-octane thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  4. Blend of Action and Comedy: American Ultra strikes a perfect balance between intense action and clever humor, creating a unique tone that sets it apart from other action movies and adds an extra layer of entertainment.
  5. Themes and Messages: Beyond the action and comedy, the film explores deeper themes of identity, government conspiracy, love, and sacrifice, adding depth and complexity to the story.
  6. Cult Following: American Ultra has gained a dedicated fanbase since its release, with viewers appreciating its fast-paced and entertaining nature, making it a popular choice among action-comedy fans.


In conclusion, American Ultra is an action-packed thrill ride with a dash of humor that is worth checking out on Netflix. Its unique premise, stellar cast, adrenaline-pumping action, blend of action and comedy, and underlying themes make it a standout film in the genre. Despite mixed reviews from critics, it has gained a cult following and has become a popular choice among viewers on Netflix. So, grab some popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for an action-packed adventure with American Ultra!

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